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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn more about the process of Technopedagogical, Digital Media and Edtech solutions.

Working  together we´ll obtain the benefit of digital solutions in educational  world.

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Digital Learning Experience Design (DLe)

Convert your instructional design in a digital learning experience and developing the competence and skill in yours  students  in based theirs process and styles of learning.


Digital Media Solutions

Once defined the DLe,  it´s neccesary chosse  the correct digital solutions for  your courses and increase the academic outcomes of your students. 


Go Online

Together define the strategic of work to reach the goals of DLe and you obtain the digital competence and skils to follow and improve the courses.

Digital Media

Interactive Presentations


This interactive presentation  allows student learn about melodic and harmonic interval in a easy and interactive way.  Select the image to see how its works. Developed within UTEC.

Educative Videos

educative video, stem courses, digital learning

Working close the teacher we teach them how  to create animate videos to improve the student's engagment during the courses. Select the image to see the video. Developed within UTEC



Massive Multiplayer Online the user must manage the household economy, go to work, socialize with other users, and other task like real life. This is a powerful tool to learn by doing in a digital word. Select the image to se more about this MMO.


MOOC Platform

digital learning solutions, mooc, nooc, spooc, learning experience.

In based on institutions needs and learning goal we install and customize Open edX platform one of the most robust solutions for MOOC in  higher education. Developed within UTEC

Immersive Learning (ILEs)

virtual reality, immersive learning environment, digital learning experience

To  mimic realistic situations as an approach to training individuals and providing them with the opportunity to practice their skills, we provide VR solutions. Select the image to see the video, developed within UTEC.



We develop this web app to make the equipment and elements of a physical science laboratory more easily available to learners from any location, via the web. Select the image to se how its work. Developed within UTEC.



Is importante provide to the teacher digital tools to register courses planification, class attendance, gradegradebookbook  of students. Select 



Bot is a know-it-all agent, can answer (almost) any question. EduBot go with teachers and students and provide high quality information any time any where. 

Learning Analytics

learning analytics, learning style, improve pathway of learning

Learn more about your students, it´s important you know the style of learning of each one. Augmented Learning is the platform which provide information about how the students are interact with your courses. Select the image to se how its work. Developed within UTEC